Shiseido Synchro Skin Glow posvjetljujući puder 30 ml nijansa Rose 3 za žene

Shiseido Synchro Skin Glow. ** Shiseido Synchro Skin Glow ** prekrit će sve nesavršenosti na vašem licu, pa čak i izjednačiti ten. Puder je izuzetno hidratantan i ne ostavlja masan ili težak osjećaj na koži. Pogodan je za sve tipove kože i sve uzraste. Puder nije vodootporan. ### ** Upotreba ** Tekući puder na lice nanesite prstima, spužvom ili kistom. ### ** Količina i sastojci ** Količina: 30 ml

Christian Dior Miss Dior Originale toaletna voda 100 ml oštećena kutija za žene

Christian Dior Miss Dior Originale. Christian Dior... More je rekao: " Stvorio sam ovaj parfem **Miss Dior**, da bi svaku ženu zaognuo u luksuz i ženstvenost, kao kad bi u mojim haljinama izvirivale iz bočice jedna za drugom". Miss Dior je predstavljena 1947. godine a simbol je velikog dizajnera, njegov potpis u obliku bezvremenske elegancije i vještine klasičnih zelenih chypre mirisa sa galbanom i jasmino Less
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Family Favorites

Family Favorites Gift Box: This gift delivers tons... More of variety at a great price! Packed with two kinds of citrus, cookies, nuts, candy and chocolate, this tasteful gift satisfies every craving a family could have. Send friends and family two sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit, nine juicy Tiny Tim Navels, White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal cookies (2.5 oz) and (5 oz. each) chocolate covered pecans, gummy fruit salad and 9 mini chocolate Santas. Our Ruby Red Grapefruit is so special that only 1 in 1,000 people have tried anything like it. Our Tiny Tim Navel Oranges have the same seedless and easy-peel qualities you love in standard oranges, but in a smaller size for little hands or for snacking. The White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal cookies are a flavor combination you can’t find anywhere else, and gummy fruit salad is a favorite treat for children. Of course we don’t forget the chocolate and nut lovers! This gift answers the question “What would they like?” delivered right to their door for the holidays. -Variety food gift -Send citrus, candy, chocolate and cookies -A wonderful balance of healthy citrus and indulgent treats -An ideal gift for families Less
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KOCOSTARSlice Mask Sheet - Pineapple 10sheets

מסיכת יריעות פנים מרעננת ומ... Moreעניקה לחות מכילה 10,000 תמציות מלפפון עשירה בוויטמין A ו- C מעניקה לחות ומרגיעה עור פגום משתמשת בחומר רך חלק וידידותי לסביבה, בד TENCEL המופק מעצי אקליפטוס מציע לחות מעולה, מהות תוכן וספיגה משאיר עור גמיש ורענן Less
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CaudalieInstant Detox Mask 75ml/2.5oz

An instant detoxifying facial mask Formulated with... More Pink Clay to absorb sebum & deeply cleanse skin Contains Grape Marc & coffee for anti-oxidant & toxin draining properties Loaded with Papaya Extract, a skin perfector Effectively removes impurities while reducing pore size Skin appears softer, refreshed & healthier lookingPerfect for all skin types Free of parabens, sulfates & phthalates Less
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A naturally based, multi–action facial c... Moreleanser that clarifies, hydrates, soothes and illuminates the skin throughout the cleansing process. The concentrated face cleanser works thoroughly to remove dirt residue, impurities and makeup while preserving the skin’s own protective layers. Does not contain any SLS, parabens, petrochemicals. Less
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JurliqueMoisture Replenishing Mask 100ml/3.3oz

A gentle purifying & revitalizing mask Rich in... More the living energy of soothing groomwell & Sichuan peppercorn Lifts away impurities & unclogs pores Helps clarify, hydrate & soothe skin Leaves skin soft, pure & revitalized Less
Expires 02.04.2021
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